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                1. Sonix St/St Junction Box Ex Loudspeaker JB
                  • Sonix St/St Junction Box Ex Loudspeaker JB
                  • 特點
                  • Sonix St/St Junction Box Ex Loudspeaker JB


                  Produced in sheet 316L stainless steel with all stainless steel fixings and suitable for on / offshore installations.
                  Preconfigured with terminals and gland entries to suit safe area and Ex loudspeaker installations. Supplied with pre drilled 3 x M20 gland entires, two for field cables loop in / out and one for connecting the loudspeaker.
                  Internally 6 x 2.5mm sq terminals are mounted in DIN rail for +, - and screen conductors. Additionally an internal earth termianls is provided for additional use.
                  Should local junction box speaker tapping be required Oxalis can provide additional terminals for convenient primary tap changes within the junction box.
                  Enclosures offer minimum protection to IP66/67 and are impact resitant and very durable for the harshest of conditions.
                  Accessories include cable glands, stopping plugs, breather drains.
                  Units are available as electropolished stainless steel with drilled or undrilled options, gland plates not avialable on this range
                  Enclosures can be fitted with optional earth continuity plates manufactured in a variety of different materials.


                  Pre-configured for loudspeaker use
                  Ready to install
                  Available as an assembly with speaker terminated, tailed and glanded
                  ATEX and IECEx Approved
                  Suitable for Operation in Zones 0, 1, 2, 20, 21 & 22
                  AISI 316L Stainless Steel Construction
                  Ingress Protection IP66/67
                  Suitable for Eexe & I/S Terminals
                  Up to 6mm Gland Plates Available
                  Temperature Range -50°C to +140°C
                  Ergonomic Design to Allow Ease of Installation
                  Corrosion Resistant Electropolished Finish

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