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                1. Explosionproof VoIP Telephone ExResistTel IP2 for zone 1 + 21
                  • Explosionproof VoIP Telephone ExResistTel IP2 for zone 1 + 21
                  • 特點
                  • 暫無詳細信息

                  Explosionproof Voice over IP Telephone
                  Ex ResistTel IP2
                  for use in zone 1 + 21
                  Application: Indoors and
                  Oudoors (IP66)
                  Housing: GRP (glasfibre reinforced polyester)
                  Keypad and all metal parts are made by stainless steel V4A
                  Steel armoured handset cord
                  Different housing colours
                  Illuminated and heated Display
                  Protocol: H323 and SIP
                  Connection: 10/100BASE-T
                  Ethernet LAN, PoE
                  Power supply: PoE or external supply
                  Menu controlled
                  Headset as accessory available
                  Temperature range: -40°C to +60°C
                  Dimensions in mm: W 227 / H 293 / D 135

                  No detailed product information
                  No data available for download