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                1. SD R Series Ruggedized PTZ Dome Camera Stations
                  • SD R Series Ruggedized PTZ Dome Camera Stations
                  • 特點
                  • 暫無詳細信息

                  The SD25 is a safe area PTZ dome camera station suitable for use in heavy industrial applications.
                  The toughened glass viewing window is optically correct and distortion free providing brighter, clearer images, even at full telephoto zoom ratio. With wiper as standard, the glass is kept free from build-up of dust or debris and provides optimum performance in all weather conditions.
                  Its unique design allows the SD25 to be mounted upright, inverted or cantered offering complete 360° continuous rotation with no blind spots. A range of mounting accessories is available with and industry standard 4” PCD mounting platform.
                  As standard, the unit is supplied with a 36x optical zoom camera module. Further options are available subject to specification.

                  Safe Area, Ruggedized PTZ Dome Camera
                  IP67 Ingress Protection
                  Heavy Industrial Applications
                  Aluminium Construction
                  360° Continuous Rotation
                  180° Per Second Max Pan Speed
                  36X EXView Zoom Camera
                  Washer Tank (Optional)
                  Multiple Protocol Options

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