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                1. Camera Station PT70WP
                  • Camera Station PT70WP
                  • 特點
                  • 暫無詳細信息

                  On our PT70 Weather proof dome we have succeeded in eliminating the problem of distorted optional rendering that is traditionally a challenge with dome camera stations. Focusing research and engineering on correct optical rendering brought forth a dome that allows for an astounding 36x zoom without mentionable image distortion. This customized dome is hard-coated for Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) and scratch resistance.
                  The PT70WP Pan/Tilt/Zoom dome is made specifically to withstand the most extreme marine and petroleum related environments. Designed to meet the DNV requirements for Type Approval Certification, the PT70 Weather Proof is able to endure vibration and other physical forces that are often devastating to PTZ camera stations.
                  The dome offers 360° panoramic rotation and 180° tilt with vertical image flip. Speed; 116 degrees per second. The design optimises position accuracy. In poor light conditions the camera will automatically turn to black and white for optimal image quality and autofocus further increases the user experience.
                  The PT70 WP may be used with any HERNIS CCTV control system and can be mounted standing or hanging depending on the viewport required.
                  Internal heating eliminates any risk of icing or malfunction in low temperatures, whereas its high quality 316L stainless steel exterior is provides maximum resilience to environmental exposure and direct sunlight, avoiding heat absorption. The smooth surface is practically maintenance free.
                  A single cable is sufficient to transmit data, power and video, routed directly to the control cabinet, eliminating the need for additional junction box equipment.
                  The fact that HERNIS is a complete systems supplier ensures that our camera stations have long design life and lifetime factory support*. The PT70 WP is designed for future remote software upgrade and diagnostics.
                  HERNIS products’ long life cycle and low maintenance contributes to a minimal environmental impact so vital in today’s global awareness.
                  *24 hour technical support line available for documented systems*

                  Correct optical rendering
                  Scratch resistant coating (EMC)
                  Automatic image flip
                  Automatic Day/Night function
                  IR sensitive
                  Internal cabling
                  Audio (optional)
                  Auto focus with manual override
                  Auto iris with manual override
                  Multi-cable accommodated
                  Designed to accept future software upgrades remotely
                  Thermoelectric heating

                  Purpose-built and resilient
                  Reduced environmental foot print
                  Easy Installation
                  No maintenance
                  Field serviceable
                  No exposed cabling
                  Accurate positioning
                  Long design life

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